"That requires leaders understand their purpose as a leader: to engage others in committing their energies and expertise to achieve the shared mission and goals of the organization."

Whether it is Gallup or any other organization that seeks to understand the motivations of those who work, here is what the evidence clearly suggests: People want to do good work and many want to do great work. People love to be on a team and love to be on a winning team. People place a high value on contributing value and an equivalent value on being recognized for their contribution. People want to look forward to coming to work and leaders feel the same way.

There is no secret to inspiration. It is about the engagement of the human spirit--the ability to capture the aspirations of the individual and provide a vehicle and environment for the fulfillment of those aspirations.

Peter Rena eloquently summed it up with these thoughts:

“Corporations are social organizations, the theater in which people realize, or fail to realize, purposeful and productive lives.”