The mother eagle gently coaxed her offspring toward the edge of the nest. Her heart quivered with conflicting emotions as she felt their resistance to her persistent nudging. “Why does the thrill of soaring have to begin with fear of falling?” This ageless question was still unanswered for her.

As in the tradition of the species, her nest was located high on the shelf of a sheer rock face. Below there was nothing but air to support the wings of each child. “Is it possible that this time it will not work?” she thought. Despite her fears, the eagle knew it was time. Her parental mission was all but complete. There remained one final task—the push.  

The eagle drew courage from an innate wisdom. Until her children discovered their wings, there was no purpose for their lives. Until they learned how to soar, they would fail to understand the privilege it was to have been born an eagle. The push was the greatest gift she had to offer. It was her supreme act of love. So one by one she pushed them, and they flew!     

As the new year begins my daughter, Sarah McNally, becomes the CEO of the company we have built together for the past ten years--TransForm Corporation. My own meditations these past few days have taken me back to when she turned sixteen and with a loud cry of “free at last”, she got her driver’s license. My fears were somewhat allayed by the assurance of the driving instructor: “Don’t worry, your daughter is very confident.”     

There is no other single human quality that affects the outcomes of our lives than confidence. Only with confidence do we advance boldly in the directions of our dreams. Only with confidence do we tackle life’s challenges with the faith that we can handle them. That is not, however, a quality I see rampant in the world.  

Confident people have a philosophy about why they were created. They have a sense of purpose, a belief that they are important, that their lives matter.  

Confident people know what they bring to the world. They are aware of what they are good at, their special abilities. They know that success is the reward for contributing their gifts and talents to something they believe in.  

Confident people know that the accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavor requires commitment. They know that it is only that in which they truly believe, and value are they willing to be committed.  

The greatest gift we can ever receive is to have someone believe in us and see our potential. Very few have achieved their dreams without a loving push and encouragement. As a parent, a friend or a leader, the most important role we can ever play is that of building the confidence of others.  

As we move into a new year, are we willing to see our world not as it appears, but how it could be. Steve Jobs was reported to say at the beginning of a meeting: “I might be crazy but what if……?” So, let me reframe that question: What if, as human beings, our deepest desire was to see everyone succeed no matter what space on this planet they occupied.  

So, I might be crazy but is there a worthier purpose to embrace than that of helping others soar above their limitations and see the abundant possibilities for their lives?  

Join me in 2018 in committing to be a confidence builder, for I know that is Sarah’s commitment as she leads TransForm into even greater heights of accomplishment. And, that will certainly be my personal commitment to you!  

Here are three questions to help you on your way:  

How will I contribute to creating the world I want?

Who will I look to for inspiration?

What will I do to encourage others?

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Mother Eagle story from Even Eagles Need A Push—Random House

(Copyright—David McNally)