Just over 9 months ago, I wrote about sending my daughter to Kindergarten. Is it a coincidence that this is the gestation period of a human baby? Ha, no!

Yesterday I went to her Kindergarten graduation. Wow, my sweet girl. My sassy, outspoken, confident, creative sweetness. When I re-read what I wrote last year, all my fear and anxiety, and then I observed her today, I saw how much she has grown and I see how much I have grown.

Here are a few things Kindergarten taught me:

When fear is on one side, success can be on the other.

When it comes to opportunities in life - the ones that are new and create enormous doubt in ourselves - and when we push through all of that despite our fears, the consequence is phenomenal. It is a step in the never-ending journey to having the life we feel worthy of living. It is an energy shot to the soul.

Trust your instincts about people.

Not everyone is meant to be your friend. There is an internal barometer that if we are connected to it, gives us information about who we want to hang out with. It doesn’t mean they are bad people if we don’t want to be with them, it just means we have different energy. Different is good. Be picky about to who you give your energy. But respect everyone!

You don’t need a playground to have fun at recess.

My daughter’s school has one piece of “play” equipment. It’s called the Web. At first, I wasn’t sure if I liked that idea, but then I learned that the children are encouraged to use their imagination to create a playground with the trees in the schoolyard, the grass, the snow in winter time and each other. A few weeks ago, I watched Warren Buffet’s Documentary - Becoming Warren Buffet. He talked about how he likes to spend a lot of time just sitting and thinking. There is strong evidence he knows what he is doing. There is a lot of documentation out there that supports the idea that innovation comes from the space of “doing” nothing. And so, I am starting to give myself permission to just sit, think and be with my imagination.

And lastly….

You never get it wrong and you never get it done.

This statement is one I heard once in a speech. And it makes a lot of sense to me. I am not getting parenting wrong. I may do things that in retrospect I would do differently, but I didn’t do it wrong. And at work, I may make decisions that in retrospect I would do differently, but I didn’t do it wrong. This is a big one as I pay attention to how I speak with my daughter. Learning to do things better is one of the main experiences of life. So just go for it.

And you never get it done. Cause you don’t. You never get learning done. You never get parenting done. You never get success done. You never get happiness done. It evolves and evolves and evolves until one day it’s time for you to be done. And then blogs on LinkedIn won’t matter to you anyway. 😊

Happy Summer Vacation!