On September 16th, 2018, the 36th annual Terry Fox Run took place. Events were held all over the world to remind us of an exceptional human being. If you are unfamiliar with Terry Fox, he is regarded as one of Canada’s greatest heroes.

Terry’s public story begins at the age of eighteen when he lost his right leg to cancer. At the time of his diagnosis Terry was understandably in shock and disbelief. After three years of rehabilitation, however, Terry transformed his adversity into an incredible, compelling purpose—to do everything within his power to eradicate cancer.

To fulfill that purpose, Terry set an audacious goal: to run the entire width of Canada and raise a million dollars for cancer research. He would name his quest—The Marathon of Hope. Thus, began a journey that would inspire an entire nation and millions of people from Britain to Bangladesh and from Africa to Australia.

Terry never made it across Canada as the cancer metastasized to his lungs. But, he did complete 3,339 miles of the journey within five months—almost a marathon a day! The final tally for cancer research was twenty-four million dollars. His goal had been exceeded beyond his wildest dreams.

Terry died within a year but today the foundation established in his name has raised in excess of 750 million dollars through its annual Marathon of Hope runs throughout the world.

I first read about Terry in 1981, a critical time in my life when I was searching for purpose. He taught me that if we change one life for the better, we change the world for the better. Although far from perfect in my application, I have endeavored to bring this attitude and understanding into every aspect of my personal and professional life.

To honor Terry and to express my appreciation for his contribution to my life, I made a commitment to sustain his legacy by producing a film about him that would provide life lessons for all of us. Called, The Power of Purpose, it was released in 1984. Christopher Plummer is the narrator and the film remains one of my proudest achievements.

There is a significant payoff to being committed to a worthy purpose. When we are involved and engaged in something we believe in, we feel good. If there is a healthy answer to feeling good most of the time, it is contributing value every day to the people, the work and the organizations that are important to us.

All winning teams are aligned behind a common purpose. That purpose transforms people who feel that every day is a marathon into a team that knows when, where and to whom to pass the baton. Purpose is the source of inspiration, it influences culture and guides actions. Those who have clarity of purpose stand out in the way they think and act.

The power of purpose can certainly bring you fame and fortune. The real treasure, however, lies much more in how it enriches your life. The power of your purpose will help you access the only power that really matters: the confidence to move forward, to risk, to live the life you imagine for yourself and to know, that despite the obstacles along the way, you can handle them.

It is a power that emanates from the deepest part of you, and there is not a human being alive within whom this power does not exist.

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