We have begun the second month of the New Year. For those who set new year’s resolutions, there may be pride in having stuck to a desired change, for others there may be disappointment in themselves.

I don’t do resolutions. I don’t like the idea I need fixing. What I do is visioning. I focus on what I want to create. What do I want to achieve this year? What do I want to experience? How do I want to feel?

And then…I observe what gets in the way.

I have been on a path of observation for a few years now. It’s really a practice. I practice observing without judging my thoughts and actions. And what I observe is how I think about something is what sometimes, no, ALWAYS gets in the way.


The other thing I observe is…I have total control over that.

I don’t have control over the circumstances of my life. I mean, obviously I make choices constantly throughout the day, but I still don’t have control over other people, weather, and global events that happen despite my choices.

I do, however, have control of my interpretation of the circumstances that happen.

One of our clients has projected an increase of several million dollars in revenue this year and an annual increase of several hundreds of million dollars in 3 years. They have never done that before. That is, envision beyond a year and put a stake in the ground for a goal that feels stretchy yet attainable.

What is different?

The leadership team has invested a lot of time discussing and observing what gets in their way and practicing new behaviors that have resulted in a fundamental MINDSHIFT. A mindshift where now they BELIEVE they can reach those goals. A deep level of TRUST has been established as they have witnessed each other’s behavior change. That has created expansive new ways for them to think about their business and what is POSSIBLE.

But, that change in thinking has also opened up new, inspiring ways to lead, attract talent, innovate on ways to serve the customer better, and grow their business.

I witness people daily experience the vulnerability of letting the circumstances of their lives dictate how they will feel. Their sense of well being is dependent on how someone else treats them, or if their day goes “smoothly” or something else in their life doesn’t turn out the way they want it to.

15 years ago, I was a young woman who was in a constant state of suffering. In the end, it was not sustainable and all I wanted was to end my suffering. I am forever grateful that mindfulness was the path that opened for me, and I have spent the last 15 years in my very own “Jedi Master” practice.

I’m not a master yet, but I thoroughly enjoy the experience. I love what my practice has done for me personally and I am inspired when I see teams and individuals create new mindsets where they truly SEE the possibilities.

This is available to all of us. Is it time to let go of what is getting in the way?

“Be mindful of your thoughts. They will betray you.” Obi-Wan Kenobi