Mark Of An Eagle

David McNally

Mark Of An Eagle

How Your Life Changes The World
This book is about how you will leave your mark on the world. It is about discovering the purpose for which you were created, and how to fulfill that purpose. Most of all, it is about taking charge of your one precious life, spreading your wings, and soaring to new realms of possibility.

159 Pages

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“Our human desire to make a purposeful mark in the world lies deep within our souls. Mark Of An Eagle gives both pragmatic and profound insights to unleash this transformative aspiration. David McNally, once again, helps us soar to new heights."

Kevin Cashman, CEO, Executive Development, Korn Ferry.
Best-selling author of Leadership from the Inside Out and The Pause Principle

“David McNally, a great speaker and business consultant, has gifted us a remarkable piece of his own life experience. Mark Of An Eagle is a wonderful resource to chart your path in life, no matter your age. I can’t wait to give it to my kids as a gift!”

Rich Eldh, CO-CEO, SiriusDecisions, Inc.

“If you are looking to get clear and focused on your life, Mark Of An Eagle is the book for you. David McNally provides the framework, the prompts, and the stories to inspire you to pause, discover your purpose and make the difference you desire.”

Holly G. Green, CEO, The Human Factor, Inc.
Best-selling author of Using Your Brain to Win

“I would buy this book for everyone that I love! It will make a difference in the way they live and the way they think. It provides a meaningful way to learn and grow through self-reflection.”

Rhoda Olsen, CEO, Great Clips, Inc.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 It’s Time To Soar
Chapter 2Your Contribution Matters
Chapter 3One Day I’m Gonna
Chapter 4Rich Relationships - Rich Life
Chapter 5Soaring Above Adversity
Chapter 6Consciously Creating Amazement
Chapter 7Stepping Into The Mystery
Chapter 8One Precious Life